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How to Apply for Residence

We are seeking applicants from around the world with all kinds of cultural and religious backgrounds and interests. Please use our application form to tell us about yourself. We value a truthful and open-minded attitude and call for tolerance and reliability in all our residents. We have of course certain constraints and need to implement the following cut-off dates:

  • 30th May for the subsequent winter term
  • 15th December for the subsequent summer term

We appreciate candid and detailed applications. Please apply early.


  • Admittance papers of a Munich university are required. They must be turned in on move-in day.
  • Your home address cannot be in the Munich area (it must be outside the region serviced by the greater Munich public transportation system, the ‘Münchner Verkehrsbetriebe’).
  • Please send your application directly to one specific residence only. Multiple applications will not be considered.
  • Post graduate students please apply to Garching.
  • The waiting list stands for one term only.
  • Please don’t use registered mail.
  • The required minimum age for residents at the time of moving in is 18.
  • Please send applications to the residence's contact person only.
  • A tenancy agreement is only made for at least one semester.

Applications which are no longer needed (declined or accepted) will be destroyed. If you would like us to return your application, please enclose a stamped envelope with your return address (€ 1,45 and size DIN A5).

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