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ESWM – the association

The association Evangelische Studentenwohnheime München e. V. (ESWM) was founded by the Protestant Church of Bavaria in 1958. Its motivation was to provide affordable accommodation for students and at the same time offer religious guidance. Over time, the ESWM disassociated itself from the Protestant Church, but Christianity is still the underlying foundation of our work and the interactions with the residents. We welcome applicants of all kinds of religious background, nationality, origin or gender and thus encourage variety in our residence community.

The ESWM is a non-profit organization with honorary members, and though they usually are residence alumni, this is not mandatory. The chief executive leads the organization and is responsible for operational decisions whereas residence related questions are best addressed to the Residence Host.

The board of directors strives to be mainly a "supervisory board" and defines - in agreement with or upon suggestions by the members - the strategy, general policy and major investment projects, such as new construction, restorations or important decisions in human resources.


29. October 2015: ESWM-Chronik 2015

Seit mehr als einem halben Jahrhundert bietet der ESWM e.V. Studenten aus aller Herren Länder eine Heimstatt in München. Das 50-jährige Vereinsjubiläum 2008 war Ausgangspunkt und Anlass unseres Wunsches, die Vereinsgeschichte einmal zusammenhängend zu erforschen und nachzuzeichnen. Angelika...

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